Washington Post Goes Free-Range!

Or at least they let me expouse my views in today’s op-ed pages.  A Happy Mother’s Day to them!

And a Happy Mother’s Day to The Week (my favorite magazine), which printed a nice, big excerpt from Free-Range Kids (the book).

And yet more good wishes, this time to ABC World News Tonight, which is doing a Free-Range story on Sunday night. Check your local listings (as they say).

And now, if you’re a mom, eat some bon bons! If you’re a dad — hey!  Put down that bon bon and head out to  the park with you-know-who.

You can have a bon bon when you guys get home.  — L.

“Free-Range” Live Chat on Washington Post on Monday Morn

Hi, Free-Rangers! I wrote that headline as if I’m so used to “live chats.” As if this is something I do all the time. In truth, this is my first and I have no idea what it’ll be like. But if YOU know what I’m getting myself into and would like to join in, here is the URL:


I’ll be on from 11 a.m. – noon, Eastern Standard Time, on Monday. Somehow answering questions. If I figure out the techonology. I do thank the Post’s parenting blogger, Stacey Garfinkle, for this opportunity.

I just hope it works.

You can submit questions and comments during the chat or ahead of time, if you’d like. Even now. Meantime, have a lovely rest of your weekend! (Not worrying about YOUR live chat.) L.