A Little More Perspective on (AGHHHH!!) Risk

Hi Folks! This video was sent in with a comment that says it all:

In the US, a 15-year-old can’t wait outside for a parent to pick them
up, a 10-year-old can’t walk to school alone.  In the UK, a 14-year-old can’t babysit a toddler … and in Nepal these kids are using a
wire over a river to get to school everyday! — Kate Parker Adams

The video will remind long-time readers of a similar trek made by school kids in South America who also used a zip line (over a river) to get to school. And it’ll remind the rest of us: There’s risk and then there’s RISK. In our very safe first world lives, we often treat risk like RISK. Which is somehow kind of insulting to these kids (and parents) in Nepal.

Not Every Kid Gets Driven to the Bus Stop in an SUV

Hi Readers — Sometimes feels as if we’ve lost a little perspective on what constitutes danger, especially when it comes to whether it’s safe for our kids to walk a couple blocks to school.

This video should restore it. And then some.